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Pet Surgery

Pets are important to you and your family, and here at Animal Clinic 8 & 43 we love your pets like they’re our own. We understand that a pet often becomes like a family member. This is why we offer excellent veterinary service so that you can take care of your pets because they are part of the family.

In case of emergency, our animal clinic performs pet surgery. If your pet is sick and in need of an operation, call us today and speak to an understanding vet. We preform pet exams to determine the cause of your pet’s illness or injury. When pet preventive care isn’t effective, we may recommend surgery to bring your pet back to full health.

Pet Surgery

In addition to emergency pet care, we offer non-emergency surgeries such as spaying/neutering. Whether you are ready to spay or neuter your pet, or have questions about the process, we can give you the information and service you need. A friendly employee at our pet clinic will take down all of your information and answer any questions you may have.

If you are in need of a pet surgery clinic, call Animal Clinic 8 & 43 in Coral Gables, FL today!