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Pet Vaccinations

Making sure that your pet receives the proper vaccinations is vital to maintaining their good health. Pet vaccinations help prevent unwanted diseases and parasites from nestling into your pet’s internal system which if not taken care of, can cause much pain to your pet along with costly surgery bills on your part. For these reasons, it is important that you get your pet vaccinated by a trusted veterinarian.

When you come to Animal Clinic 8 & 43, we ensure that your pet receives all the proper vaccinations they needs in order to maintain good health. From deworming vaccines, rabies, lyme disease, and other necessary booster shots, vaccinations are among the most important pet preventive care that you can get.

Pet Vaccinations

In addition to vaccinations, our pet care services extend to providing your furry friend with attentive dental care and checkups. Like humans, animals need their teeth and gums brushed and cleaned to prevent tartar buildups and gum disease. Neglecting to do so could cause massive health problems later on. Furthermore, we offer pet diet prescription to ensure that your animal is receiving the nutrition they need to live a healthy life. Preventative measures like vaccinations, diet and regular check ups are vital to decreasing the need for pet surgery later in your pet’s life.

Our veterinarian services are second to none when it comes to quality animal care. Contact us today in Coral Gables, FL for outstanding and affordable veterinarian care, we also offer emergency services if required!